Glb handheld laser welding machine

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    Product details

    Technical parameter

    Model number


    Laser power


    Laser wavelength


    Laser type

    Fiber   continuous welding laser

    Working schedule


    Software function

    Control   laser power, frequency

    Cooling mode

    Water   Cooling

    Power supply

    AC220V 50HZ

    Working Environment

    10   °c-40 °c humidity < 70%

    Optional function

    Swing   welding


    1. The use of high-energy laser pulse on the local heating of materials to form a molten pool, in order to achieve welding purposes. 

    2. Small Weld Width, small heat-affected zone, small deformation. 

    3. The integration design, the equipment volume is small, may adapt the quite complex working environment.

    Product Advantage

    1. Welding gun small size, light weight, can be held in the hands of the workpiece for welding, angle, position almost no restrictions. 

    2. Fiber optic cables up to six meters long can be welded to large frames and other products. 

    3. The integration design, the equipment volume is small, may move flexibly, may be competent the quite complex welding environment.

    Application areas

           Sheet metal, chassis, as well as water tanks, large decorative lamp skeleton welding, door and window frame welding, kitchen and other hardware industries