GLB galvanometer type laser welding machine

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    Product details

    Technical parameter

    Model   number 


    Laser power

    80W (power optional)

    Laser wavelength


    Laser type

    Optical fiber

    Working range

    100 (range optional)

    Positioning accuracy


    Moving speed


    Cooling mode

    Water Cooling

    Power supply

    220V 380V

    Working environment


    Power output


    Type Characteristics

           The production efficiency of single spot welding is 4-10 times higher than that of common laser spot welding because of greatly reducing the time of space positioning. The galvanometer type laser welding machine has YAG solid laser, laser power supply and optical scanning system, three-dimensional adjustable worktable, industrial control system, refrigeration system, laser indicating system, operation cabinet and so on.

    Product advantage

           The galvanometer scanning laser spot welding machine is made of imported advanced foreign technology and high quality imported parts in key parts. The welding machine uses the dynamic welding technology of the Scanning Mirror Group, the moving of the scanning Lens instead of the moving of the workpiece or the welding Lens Group is adopted to make the vibrating lens switch the laser beam between the solder joints quickly in the scanning Lens. The greater the distance between the solder joints, the more solder joints on the workpiece, the greater the advantage. With this technique, the welding time can be reduced by 60% . As a result, a scanning mirror group workstation can replace several traditional welding workstations.       

    Application area

           Mainly used in mobile phone shield, metal mobile phone Shell, metal capacitor Shell, Computer Metal Shield Net, razor blades, electronic connectors and other categories of electronic products of high-efficiency laser spot welding or sealing welding.